MLP Assemblies are in Full Swing!

Doing some mindful activities with students at Ida Jew Academy in San Jose

MLP is so excited to be back in action with our communities in person! Our training team has been busy on the road providing in person training, demos of our programming, and assemblies for our communities in the South Bay and Central Valley over the last couple weeks to kick off the school year.Outside of our direct service programming, MLP offers a multi layered comprehensive training program that also includes school wide assemblies to engage both teachers and students in our programming. Our assemblies include our original Mindful Hip Hop performances, skits, mindful sits, and reviews of some of the 7 mindful skills.

Lead Trainer, David Flores guiding students through some breathing exercises

During this time students have the opportunity to participate in the activities through singing, dancing, and call and response chants for the skills learned. Over the last month MLP has had the opportunity to provide 3 schools with our assemblies and teacher training.

It’s important that we provide impactful and engaging programming not only to our students but to the educators who are working with them daily so that they are able to not only incorporate mindfulness practices into their classrooms and school ecosystems but also for their own personal wellbeing and sustainability in this work. Check out some of our photos and videos below of our most recent assembly events!

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