Transforming schools from  the inside out with innovative
and comprehensive mindfulness based social-emotional learning programming


  Transforming schools from  the inside out with innovative
mindfulness programming

The 2020-21 School year was incredibly powerful for so many reasons!

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Our mission

Mindful Life Project  is an educational nonprofit that supports schools across California and beyond through highly impactful mindfulness based social emotional learning programming. Our comprehensive approach supports the mental and emotional well-being of students, teachers, staff, leaders, and families and helps transform schools from the inside out to create cultures and climates where mental and emotional well-being is the foundation of everyone's experience.

MLP's goal is to provide everyone the skills and practices to thrive, leading to everyone feeling a deep sense of belonging and connection to themselves and each other.

What we do


Direct services

MLP is a pioneer in direct service, comprehensive mindfulness programming. We offer a whole class and whole school program, known as Mindful Community, and a small group intervention program, called Rise-Up. MLP Coaches who are on site all week long also offer mindfulness for staff and families to support the wellness of the whole ecosystem.



MLP provides highly regarded training programs that help sustainably embed mindfulness at all levels of the school ecosystem. MLP offers our highly regarded Mindful Educator Training, MLP Curriculum Trainings (All three curricula) and our Rise-Up Trainings.


Assemblies and Virtual Services

MLP leads highly engaging school assemblies nationally where students and educators are inspired, engaged, and motivated to practice mindfulness through our interactive activities and mindful hip-hop performances. MLP also provides virtual services for schools and whole school districts.


Students served through
direct services weekly


Students being reached through
MLP Assemblies and virtual services 


Teachers report gaining additional quality teaching time due to MLP


Average additional time
of quality teaching
time gained per week

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