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MLP's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

MLP recently partnered with Public Equity Group (PEG) to complete a 3 year strategic plan. 

After an in-depth journey into our organizational history, our goals, our mission, our Theory of Change and how we want to influence the educational system over the next few years, Mindful Life Project created our Three Year Strategic Plan. 

This Strategic Plan details key organizational growth, including administrative capacity, financial planning, programmatic expansion across California, deepening our impact in our communities, and advocating for mindfulness in education. 

Our Impact Thus Far:

In just over 11 years, MLP has grown to deliver weekly mindfulness programming to over 125,000 Title TK - 8th grade students and educators with trauma informed, research-based, and culturally relevant programs and curriculum. 

As the largest provider of direct-service mindfulness programming who provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 programming in schools in the world, MLP has gained national recognition as the leader of mindfulness in the educational system.




Our Goals


GOAL #1: Understand and share the impact of MLP’s direct service programs to make the case for MLP and direct service mindfulness in education.



GOAL #2: Grow MLP’s infrastructure and team to support the delivery of high quality direct service mindfulness programs.

GOAL #3: Grow earned revenue and philanthropic funding to support sustainability and expansion of MLP’s programs.


GOAL #4: Expand MLP direct service programming across California and prepare for national expansion.

GOAL #5: Help to build a broader movement in support of direct service mindfulness in education.

Our Programmatic Expansion

MLP is currently serving 50 schools across the Bay Area and Central Coast of California. Looking towards the future, we envision exponential expansion across the State of California, with schools spanning Northern California, Central California, and all the way to Southern California. We' re excited to grow our TK-8th grade pathway of mindfulness education in our existing communities, as well as grow MLP's programmatic footprint to new regions in the next three years! 


Staff Capacity


As MLP continues expanding our programmatic reach, it is also vital to expand our working capacity. Over the course of the next three years, we will be adding invaluable administrative and coaching positions and roles to help operational processes and support our communities.