Partner with Us!

Mindful Life Project offers comprehensive mindfulness-based social-emotional learning programming to school communities across the nation. With age-appropriate mindfulness programming for young people ages 5 to 14, along with educator trainings, Hip Hop assemblies, and more, Mindful Life Project's wide range of services is customizable to meet the needs of your school community. Please contact us to learn more about what a partnership with Mindful Life Project can look like with your school! If you are interested in donating to Mindful Life Project, please see below for all the different ways you can support our work! 


To contact MLP, please email the following people:

For Direct Service Programs in Schools: Contact JG Larochette;

For Hybrid Services: Contact Angelo Monsalve Restrepo;

For Donation Information and  Marketing Collaboration: Contact Carolina Valverde;

Ways to Donate:
  • Donate online via MightyCause here

  • Send checks addressed to 'Mindful Life Project' to our office: 1001 Canal Boulevard, Suite A-0, Richmond, CA 94804

  • Automatic Clearing House

  • Donor Advise Funds

  • Stock Transfers

For information on how to donate through Automatic Clearing House, Donor Advise Funds, or Stock Transfers, please email Carolina Valverde at