Join Us & Mindful Magazine for 30 Days of Mindfulness: Discover the Power of Daily Meditation

Another year, another transcendent partnership! We’re excited to announce that we are a non-profit partner for this September’s Mindful30, a 30-day online meditation program from our friends at Mindful! Not only are you supporting MLP with your registration, as a percentage of proceeds go directly towards our organization, but there are also a ton of perks in signing up for this exclusive offer:

  • A full year’s subscription to Mindful magazine (*print magazine US only; existing subscribers get a 1-year extension)
  • Unlimited access to premium content on
  • iOS and Android access to the Mindful app
  • Access to Mindful’s complete digital archive
  • Bonus morning meditation audio+digital bundle

The proceeds will also help support the great work our friends Holistic Life Foundation are doing with communities in the surrounding Baltimore area. Their work also helps mindfulness to students, helping them build the capacity to manage emotions and reduce the impacts of stress. We couldn’t be more honored to be featured with two of the country’s leaders in mindfulness, meditation & creative arts! 

Use the link below to register, help communities across the country & receive exclusive access to countless mindful resources.

Endless gratitude!

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