Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 !

Happy teacher appreciation week! 

If there was anything that the past year or so has taught us, is that life is fluid and to expect the unexpected. When March 2020 came last year, the world seemingly stopped. The ‘two week break’  most school communities thought would be on quickly turned into a month. Which then turned into the rest of the year, which then leads us to where we are today. 370 + days of being quarantined. Spending countless hours staring at a screen. Having limited to no social interaction with friends, most family and other loved ones. It’s been extremely challenging for everyone involved.

Micaela Ramirez, 13, a student at Coliseum College Prep Academy, receives a laptop at the school during a #OaklandUndivided Campaign on August 17, 2020.

Despite all the negatives many will associate with 2020, it was truly inspiring to see the great things our campus leaders can accomplish when we come together. Not only were teachers doing whatever necessary to create as safe as an educational atmosphere as possible over a screen, they were out there after-hours & weekends handing out groceries & supplies to their school communities. 

A volunteer handing out groceries at John F. Kennedy High in Richmond

A huge shout out to our mindful instructors as well, who’ve been right there with our classroom teachers. Hosting those virtual classes, creating engaging content. Simply doing whatever is possible to create the best learning experience possible for our students, other school staff & families! Our entire admin team has spent at least some portion of their career in a classroom!

It’s truly empowering to see the true strength our community leaders have and the various ways we can learn from one another. Despite everything our society was forced to hold emotionally because of Covid-19, our community teachers proved that not all heroes wear capes! 

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