No Neighborhood left behind: Bringing Mindfulness to Entire Communities

Here at MLP we have ,for quite a while, imagined a time when we would be able to offer mindfulness based services to whole school communities including admin, teachers, all staff, parents, and of course students. We have finally arrived at this “dream” of ours and for the first time ever, we are excited to launch our Whole Community Initiative!

In this initiative we will be able to offer mindfulness sessions and training to all school personnel including all teachers, admin, office staff, support staff, custodial staff, etc. We understand that all adults on campus (not just teachers) are experiencing stress and hardship during these challenging times and want to offer some relief from that stress in the form of mindful skills practice on a weekly basis. In addition, we will also be offering weekly sessions to support whole families (in English and Spanish) with the understanding that parents are holding a tremendous amount these days and stand to benefit from the mindful skills as well.

So far we have had success in leading these virtual sessions in a few communities since the pandemic began in places such as Pittsburg, Monterey, and San Jose and wish to expand our reach with the understanding that ALL communities could stand to benefit from a little mindfulness. We look forward to connecting with and supporting new communities in the near future as we roll out this new initiative. 

Wishing all communities health and wellness in the last two months of 2020!

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