MLP Resource of the Month #5 – Mindful Hip Hop Music

Student performance at MLP’s Benefit Concert

“This is what we call a sit, mindfully we doin’ it, calm it down we get a grip, so our lids we do not flip.” – S.I.T. (Skills In Transformation by David Flores)

These lyrics are just a sample of the many that have been created by our amazingly talented Mindful Life team and students. 

It’s what’s known as our “secret sauce” according to our CEO and founder JG Larochette; the “fire” we add to our curriculum to go along with the “water”, or the calmness that most folks associate with mindfulness. Our aim is to provide a way for the youth to connect with the content in the most fun and engaging way possible. What better way than through music!

Currently we have completed four albums and are in the middle of completing a 5th. What’s most impressive is that all songs are written and recorded internally by our instructors, admin team, and students. We take beats that the kids are familiar with (for the most part) and remix the lyrics so that they are more mindful and appropriate (have you heard most hip hop songs on the radio lately? Yikes!) All songs are downloaded to Soundcloud and shared for free through our website and App. In addition, we do assemblies as a way of sharing some of the music live! It’s truly something the kids enjoy and feel inspired by. I often get kids coming up to me afterwards asking “did you really write that?” and “I really like that song, where can I find it?”

This is the impact we hope to have through the music; that the kids will enjoy it to the point where they want more, get exposed to the mindful skills and content at the same time, and, in some cases, feel inspired to memorize and perform our music or create their own! Creating these songs brings me great joy knowing that they will bring a smile to many kids’ faces and inspire them.

Be sure to download Mindful Life Project’s mindful hip hop albums on our resource page.

You can also download our free MLP app in the app store to get access to our mindful check-ins, mindful sits, and mindful hip hop music.Be sure to download Mindful Life Project’s mindful hip hop albums on our resource page.

Check out Mindful Life Project’s new remix. Don’t Flip Your Lid by our lead instructor David Flores and Miss Maya. Check out MLP’s Youtube channel for more.

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