Every Kid Healthy Week !

Happy Friday everyone! For those who didn’t already know, this past Monday was the official kickoff for Every Kid Healthy week. An annual observance created in 2013, dedicated to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. In reference to a post this past Monday on our MLP social medias, we reiterated the importance of the many layers that create an individual’s overall health. The ability to have a daily outdoor activity and access to well balanced meals are also major contributors to a child’s mental health. 

The entire purpose of every kid healthy week is bring awareness to the multiple factors that contribute to the overall well-being of a child and doing whatever possible to create the healthiest and most compassionate society possible! 

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, MLP SoundCloud or download the MLP app for some mindful sits, activities led by MLP coaches and other free resources that are free to access. There are also a number of great sites, like actionforhealthykids.org and others that provide access to previously recorded events and other great materials as well.

In order to maintain our physical health, we do activities that engage our body. For our mental health it’s important for us to create the same opportunities for us to engage our mind. Mindfulness is an activity that you can do anywhere at any time and doesn’t require any specific skills other than the willingness to try! 

Thanks again for the read and we are wishing good health to you and the young ones in your lives!

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