MLP Stands in Solidarity with the AAPI Community

It goes without question that the recent events we’ve seen transpire across this country towards the Asian American & Pacific Islander Community community are beyond sickening & disappointing. Our hearts go out to those not only affected by the tragic events that have taken place in Atlanta earlier this week, but the countless other AAPI citizens who have been victimized by racist and xenophobic attacks during the pandemic.

When instances of violence rooted of racism, there are of course countless emotions that can arise. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and fear just to name a few. All these feelings are warranted and welcomed as they come and it’s okay to feel enraged, or deep sadnessHere are a couple questions to consider as you navigate those emotions that can arise:

Emotionally, how are you showing up to certain in spaces? Are you holding animosity towards certain people? Your loved ones? Are you bottling in your anger & frustrations? Are you having conversations with loved ones or trained professionals about your feelings? What support systems do you have to lean on? What are ways you can give back to communities in need? Though we can’t always relate, we understand the difficulties of managing emotions when discussing topics such as racism and violence. In challenging times, a mindful practice can be very useful tool to help navigate emotions and thoughts. Now more than ever is the time to rely on the practice. Below are just a few mindful skills that are the key to can help to manage during times like these:

  • Heartfulness: Showing love & kindness towards yourself as well as those affected. (should always) Heartfulness can be a skill that comes to mind when dealing with tragedy as we look to support ourselves and one another in the aftermath.
  • Mindful Thinking: Being conscious of what your words/ actions can mean at that current moment. Emotions are on high for a lot of people, so being mindful of your words is key! When big events happen we can begin to become consumed by our thoughts. Emotions can be high and it can be hard to navigate moment to moment. Check in with your thoughts, and practice naming your emotions that arise with each thought.
  • Mindful Listening: When a community is hurt, our best a great response as an ally is to be a listening ear. Listening to people’s experiences and and understand their pain their point of view can offer up insights and build empathy as a community.

Despite Leaning on your practice can be a beneficial tool for maneuvering difficult times such as these. In addition to the practice of mindfulness, there are other ways we can show up for one another. Having open dialogues, asking questions, and working to educate ourselves in areas we feel we could expand on. We’re all navigating a very challenging time in history on top of feelings of divisiveness and it’s important to give grace and heartfulness to one another.

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