Something Big is Around the Corner…

Saying that we’ve been busy the past several weeks would be an understatement! Our program team has been doing a fantastic job of grinding out the logistics of virtual work, all while trying to manage the introduction to our Whole Community initiative. Development has been in the weeds with completing proposals & meeting deadlines, amongst many other duties. And our marketing team, has been in contact with influencers, prominent organizations and foundations that deeply align with MLP.

As MLP staff begin a well deserved week-long break, our team will come back the first week of December with a full head of steam, as MLP will be hosting several major events featuring some very influential people in the next couple weeks! Of course, these events will be common knowledge to the public in the very future, but why wait? Join our Newsletter to not only be the first to know about MLP events, receive exclusive Mindful resources, updates on MLP partnerships & more!

If you just missed our latest newsletter already, it’s ok! We will continue to be sent out monthly updates & resources as long as we are an organization! Click Here to subscribe and follow our journey!

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