MLP Resource of the Month #4 – Power of the Breath

“To live mindfully, the breath is the key, breathe in….breathe out….. Release the stress, and let it all out.” – (Mindful breathing chant)

We breathe all the time. But how often are we really paying attention to it? This is the core of what mindful breathing is: simply paying attention to our natural breath. A very simple, yet powerful thing to do. It can bring us a sense of calm, a better focus on the present moment (our breath always exists in the present!), and simply help us slow down and reset any time we need it. Our breath is always with us wherever we go, which can be quite a comforting thought knowing that no matter where we are, no matter what is going on around us, the breath stays with us just like a best friend.

There are so many ways to access your breath including a variety of intentional breathing exercises. One way is with anchor spots, or where we feel our breath the strongest. Notice your breath in your chest, your belly, and coming in and out of your nose. Did you notice that you felt it a bit stronger in one of these areas? Just as an anchor keeps a boat still despite choppy waters, wind, and storms, our anchor spots can help us get a little more still, centered, and connected to our bodies. And speaking of our bodies, there is growing scientific research that shows just how beneficial deep breathing can be for us. Some of these benefits include fuller oxygen exchange, tension release, stabilized blood pressure, boosted immune health, and less overall stress. So the next time you take a deep breath notice that it not only feels good, but that it is helping you become healthier in mind, body, and heart!

Download our free resource of the month below: A guide to Mindful Breathing.

Source: Your Body on Deep Breathing,  Mindful Magazine 2019

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