MLP Free Resource of the Month: Recovering from an emotionally draining week

It’s Friday! We hope that you have had a wonderful week and we send you so much heartfulness your way if it was tough one. We at MLP both practice and teach deep presence and radical acceptance of whatever is arising in our inner experience. Just like anyone, our staff at MLP has emotionally taxing days and weeks, but our focus is in on not judging the emotions or thoughts and countering it with big doses of heartfulness. The intention is to be fully present with it all without judgment! Living in the pandemic can bring even more emotions and thoughts that can be challenging so here are some tips to bring some peace and ease to your day.

An acronym we at MLP like to lean on when leaning into the practice is K.I.N.D. Which stands for:

  • (K)indly notice: Bring attention to what you’re feeling in your mind & body.
  • (I)nquire: How’re you feeling? What emotions are arising?
  • (N)on-judgmental acceptance: Acknowledge your current feelings and accept them without judgement.
  • (D)evelop: A passionate breath of kind, loving & intentional awareness with each one.

Huge shoutout to lead trainer David Flores, who was generous enough to compile a list for us of his personal self-compassion tips. For anyone looking for resources after a tough week, we hope these help you power through the rest of your day, and that you’re able to utilize these whenever you’re feeling anxious and/or stressed!

  • Do a body scan: Get in a comfortable¬†position (sitting or lying down) and simply notice what’s going on with your body, one part at a time. Notice any sensations, pressure, temperature, etc. Also notice any areas of tension and see if you can release them.
  • Practice gratitude:¬†Either write down or think of someone, something, an opportunity, and something about yourself that you’re truly grateful for.
  • Practice heartfulness:¬†Sit still and close your eyes with your hand on your heart. Think of something lately that you’ve done well, notice how this feels. Say the following words to yourself: may I be happy, healthy, strong, peaceful, and loved.

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