MLP Free Resource of the Month #3 – Mindful Sit Agreements & Chants

Creating a safe and trusting environment is one of the most important keys to a successful classroom setting. Group agreements help to create safe and caring spaces that will enhance any group activity. The Mindful Sit Agreements serve as a set of clear guidelines to help students feel comfortable in an atmosphere of safety, respect and trust and aid in establishing a normative culture. In more chaotic situations, you may need to re-visit the agreements to reset the energy and bring the classroom back to a calm state. In addition, to our Mindful Sit Agreements, we have also developed a Mindful Sit Chant to help guide students into their sits. The Mindful Sit Chant is a “repeat after me” technique to engage students, hold their attention and help students get into their mindful bodies. The chant is usually led by a student leader who has demonstrated mindful leadership skills, this creates more student buy-in and opportunities for student empowerment.

You can click on the links below to download and print these resources.

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